BEESOUS (2005) by Dani d’Emilia on Vimeo

“Suffocating honey kisses, dripping off the lower jaw. Sickly sweet buzzing that rises, falls and hums. A congealing and smothering of excessive pleasures that generate nausea while escaping quantification (…) In a world of becomings our engagement in a de-stratification from stable forms of organizing things and non-things is integral. The rupturing of these patterns of organization, organically and linguistically are destabilizing when experienced. Their articulation, mediation and re-mediation demonstrate an obsession with non-human processes and new possibilities of self transformation. Discovering and confronting our animal otherness through the process of “becoming” produces an uncanny recognition that can neither be suffered or celebrated. Beesous are beautiful. Beesous must be beautiful(…)” (Marc Greenwood / a-n)