And Lab (research centre for art-thinking & politics of togethernes)

I began collaborating with Fernanda Eugenio (director of And Lab) in 2018, experimenting with the contact zones between our practices in an embodied investigation that gradually gave shape to a methodology we then named ‘Dis-imunization practices’. In 2019 these practices integrated AND Lab’s summer school, an annual program that takes place in Lisbon, which for that edition we worked together on co-designing as well as co-facilitating. After that experience, as we continued to deepen our investigations we also began working together in giving shape to And Lab’s a new continuous artistic-political training program, the Escola do Reparar, which would be launched in summer 2020. When the covid-19 pandemic hit, turning conditionings into conditions, we listened to what was possible in this new moment and re-designed the pilot edition 2020 of School of Reparar, accepting the inevitable suspension of the situated and body-to-body dimension and opening up to new formats for reinventing the whole program.

Supported by a new digital community-collection platform, this edition currently runs from August to December 2020 and comprises many different activities, all dedicated to the theme-issue of the Ten Positions in face of the Irreparable: (an)c(h)o(u)rage, co(m)passionment, consistency, compearance, firmness, frankness, sufficiency, fairness, dis-illusion and des-cision. (more info here)

As part of the under_sTANDing program, on of the activities of the School of Reparar, Fernanda and I are working on a new embodied investigation which stems from the Dis-imunization Practices and is now beginning to form a new zone we are calling Practices of Dis-Solution. This collaborative research began in a residency in south Portugal in August and is currently continuing in Lisbon. Some info/images of our current process can be seen here.