Manifiesto de la Ternura Radical


The Radical Tenderness* Manifesto is an embodied poetic exercise of resistance where we dive into this seemingly oxy-moronic term asking ourselves: ‘how can radical be tender – and tenderness be radical – in our alliances, our communities, and our interpersonal relationships?’

ESPAÑOL (pdf), original version published by Hysteria Magazine (online, Jul 2015)

PORTUGUÊS (pdf), transl. by Dani & Daniel

  • gravação do manifesto na voz do artista Miro Spinelli aqui

ENGLISH (pdf), transl. by Dani & Daniel

ITALIAN (pdf) (transl. by Francesca Carol Rolla and Irene Pomatto)

FRENCH (pdf) (transl. by Quimera Rosa)

CATALÁN (pdf)  (transl. by Ariadna Pous Solà)

GERMAN (pdf) (transl. by Caro Ley)

TURKISH (pdf) (transl. by Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu / Fuck me Kitty)

*Radical tenderness is a term that we discovered through working as part of the performance collective La Pocha Nostra. With this manifesto we wanted to honor its origin and its continuous reverberation in projects we are engaged with around the globe. While we do not foreclose on the possiblity of rage, we ask how even rage can be tender within political, transfeminist, and decolonial projects of resistance.

This version was created through an online poetic jam started in 2015, as part of Dani’s research on radical tenderness within the context of her MA at the independent studies program (MACBA, Barcelona). We wish to thank all who have been part of this journey wit us, particularly the founders of La Pocha Nostra who began using the term in the 90s, the various artists that have worked with the troupe throughout the years and all who have participated in the multiple performance-pedagogy workshops in which we have been able to explore radical tenderness from different perspectives and practices.


Dani and Daniel are performance artists, transfeminist activists and educators. They met in 2011 and collaborated on several transcontinental performance and pedagogical projects as core members of La Pocha Nostra until 2016 (Dani from 2011, daniel from 2014) and proyecto inmiscuir between 2015-17. /


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