INMISCUIR (live performance – detonante)

Inmiscuir is a performance that arose from a desire to tease out the possibilities and potentials of two bodies coming together in multiplicity (extended chosen families, affects, and personal archives) through performance processes.

INMISCUIR_FLYER_FINALAfter years of collaborating in various collective projects around the world, in July 2015 we (Dani and Daniel) decided to undertake a residency in Roundabout Lx, Lisbon. During a period of two weeks, we devoted ourselves to exploring the textures of our art-life relationship. We engaged in various conversations and writing exercises, physical actions and performance tasks that consciously honored and elaborated, in an embodied way, forms in which we are being crossed and affected by each of our worlds: our transits, biographical compositions, chosen families, shifting geographies, and relational dynamics.

What arose from this intense process was, on one hand, a series of performative actions, in which we ‘worked’ on our relationship through specific tasks. More about these actions can be seen here: LINK .

On the other hand we also presented a live performance, which served as way to ‘mark’ this initial process between us and share some of  the elements we worked through with local Lisbon Audiences. The performance was then repeated again at the University of San Francisco (2 September 2015). Lisbon and San Francisco are important geo-affective markers in our individual biographies, and it was important for us that they came together through this performance process.

Inmiscuir-1Inmiscuir_nos, as it was performed in these two contexts, helped us to complicate relational dynamics and realities as they were present during the summer of 2015. Since then, we have decided to extend the name Inmiscuir to Proyecto Inmiscuir, which now includes the broader spectrum of our work together (including live & photo performances, performance-pedagogy and activism).

As our performance work is designed to speak to the provocations of each moment, the next incarnations of Proyecto Inmiscuir’s live work will continue to take on issues that we are particularly invested in at each given moment/context.

The following images are a selection from the live performance in Lisbon (Roundabout.lx, 7 August 2015).

Performance by Dani d’Emilia and Daniel Chávez
Roundabout.lx, Lisbon 2015
Images by Edgar Oliveira

More images of the Lisbon performance can be seen here:
Inmiscuir photos by Rafael Amambahy.