Free Home University residency-lab, Dec 2017

What do our bodies say? How do they sound? What’s the voice of struggle? Will the body be back ?

Research & Development / residency-lab

During the period between 15-22 Dec 2017 Dani d’Emilia and LaToya Manly-Spain will engage in a research & development residency with Barbara Toma’s dance collaborative Fuori Luogo and a few members of Free Home University* previous sessions.  The idea of this residency is to take as a starting point the work that Fuori Luogo company has been developing in Lecce in order to open up conversations about the political nature of any artistic work, and more specifically how to consider how to expand the possibilities of using artistic languages to consciously work through social justice issues.

We will work from the ‘body’ as a political territory, using an intersectional approach (one that takes into account race, gender, sexuality, class, capacitism, etc) that can help each of us situate ourselves within the world and the work we do, understanding how we are crossed by a series of identity markers that inevitably influence the meaning that our bodies produce on and off stage. We will also work from the ‘voice’, as a way to be politically sounding, not silenced, shouting together against system of oppression, finding unity and strength in common struggles.

This residency is an invitation to share some of the challenges that we have faced as well as different artist/activist references and strategies that may be helpful in the development of our works in the field. Working with movement and sound, we will exercise through performativity  and song writing, in a moment where there is no larger movement of solidarity against racism, anti immigrant’s laws, deportation, violation of human rights and asylum rights) .

*Free Home University (FHU) is a pedagogical and artistic experiment focused on how we share and create knowledge by experiencing life in common.

On the 21st December there will be a session open to the public. More info here