Presentation/conversation at Live Art Development Agency (London, 19/3/19)

As part of our residency at ]performance s p a c e [ (Folkestone) on Tuesday 19th, 7pm Uhuru Ali Moor and I will be in London sharing a little about our art/life practices in conversation with folks at LADA.

Event info on LADA website // Event page on FB

“The evening at LADA will involve presentations by both artists, followed by a discussion on strategies of resistance aiith  ]performance s p a c e[, Joseph Morgan Schofield and chaired by Charlie Ashwell.

The individual performance practices of artists Dani d’Emilia (Portugal) and The Uhuruverse (USA) represent sustained strategies of resistance. Engaged in decolonial, queer and anti-capitalist politics, d’Emilia and The Uhuruverse variously use body and action art, performance-pedagogy, experimental music and dance. Across mediums and forms, their practices expand and trouble the boundaries of the known, fiercely staking claim to the future.

Dani d’Emilia and The Uhuruverse will be in residence at ]performance s p a c e[ , throughout March. Their residency pairing is the third in a series of residential periods for ]ps[ ‘s PAUSE & AFFECT programme. During each residency period, two artists are invited to live and work at ]ps[, sharing time and space enabling them to tune in, recalibrate, experiment and grow.”