PACAP 5 Open talks/workshops

Forum Dança | Espaço da Penha

As part of PACAP 5, a dance & perfomance training program in Lisbon (PT) I was invited by Emma Bigé together with other writers, poets, makers & activists to participate in a series of conversations/workshops to think with together around what poetics of attention are needed now. What do we notice? What do we ignore? What needs to be seen and felt for changes to occur? Who are we and what collectives are we to become to listen to the unheard voices in our experiences? 

The session I ran took place in October 2021, and was a mixture of theoretical and embodied approaches to the work I have been doing through activating Radical Tenderness as a performance pedagogical political practice of healing.

Other guests in teh series where: Dénètem Touam Bona, Valentina Desideri, Lisa Nelson, Mathieu Bouvier, Carla Bottiglieri

Emma Bigé digs, writes about, translates, curates, and improvises with contemporary experimental dances and queer& trans*feminist philosophies. She lives and teaches and researches nomadically in and out of Larret (Périgord), Aix-en-Provence (South of France) and other destinations reachable by train. She fell in dance in North America and Western Europe with Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Nancy Stark Smith, Matthieu Gaudeau, and more recently A. Livingstone, João Fiadeiro and many others. She edited several books and curated exhibitions dedicated to dance and improvisation (Gestes du Contact Improvisation, Steve Paxton: Drafting Interior Techniques, La perspective de la pomme. Histoire, politiques et pratiques du Contact Improviation). Through books and textual practices, she currently investigates the somatopolitical potentials of dance for celebrating wyrd and rare forms of tenderness between humans &other critters of Terra.