LEVIATHAN TRAILER – by Lucia Andujar Llosa from Living Structures on Vimeo.

LEVIATHAN is a performance installation, homage to Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick. Investing in telling the striking moments of the relentless pursuit of the great white whale by Captain Ahab, the show is inspired by the monochrome colours, geometric shapes and functionality of Russian Constructivism.

Leviathan takes its audience through an adventurous journey using stunning landscapes, choruses of singers, giant objects, sailor aerialists and hauntingly beautiful songs that will simultaneously fill you with wonder and break your heart.

“One moment, we are transported to the inside of the whale’s stomach, the next we are crewmembers assisting with the ship’s chores, receiving barked orders to help carry large, indecipherable objects across the stage. Beautiful choral singing gives way to strange industrial rhythms, or discordant string notes, or screeching seagulls, or crazed chanting.  Primordial colours, smoke, and wind swirl around you. Movement is expressionistic, with elements of dance and acrobatics, including stunning displays of rope-climbing.”


More info here: http://www.livingstructures.co.uk/projects/leviathan/



Fotos: Angela Alegria