In this photo performance series I invite the 9 artists with whom I share an art studio in Lisbon to find a niche in the space where their ‘beast’ feels most ‘at home’. Looking for familiarity within strangeness and strangeness within familiarity, together we explore their physicality in relationship to this chosen architectural landscape. Each beast is given a unique skin texture by visual artist Martha Angelozzi and photographed in situ by Angela Alegria (both also artists of RA, included as beasts in the series).

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Site-Specific Photo Performance, Roundabout.LX – Lisbon 2013
Concept & Artistic Direction: Dani d’Emilia
Drawings: Marta Angelozzi | Photos: Angela Alegria
Performance: Lucía Andújar, Patricia Campo, Irene Pomatto, Denise Santos, Susana Contino,  Edgar Oliveira, Renata Ferraz, Marta Angelozzi, Angela Alegria, Dani d’Emilia
(Roundabout.LX Resident Artist)