Becoming Constellation

In 2017 a dear friend, performance artist and curator, Benjamin Sebastian invited me to take part in his research project Becoming Constellation.

Becoming Constellation is an exploration of queer narrative production – or – what it feels like to live through queerness and make new worlds. Throughout the R&D period Sebastian worked with ten collaborators, including myself, Keijaun Thomas, Bean, Alicia Radage, 
JD Meilling, 
Andre Braga Verissimo, Jade Montserrat, Esther Neff, 
Ryan Burke
 and Fabiola Paz. Together we make up The Human Constellation, a collective tattooing process, act of magic and touring visual art exhibition. Through expanding histories of Sigil Craft (magical statements of intent cast as spells) and creating a collective archive of works from multiple people across time and geography; The Human Constellation begins to map the emotional states, histories and desires of a set of people living through various forms of otherness.

The sigil Benjamin and I developed was: I AM HOME, which I tattoed on my chest and Benjx on their arm. It was inspired by the conversations we had been having around identity, belonging, expanded families, etc as well as by something another friend’s little son said to her at the time, which really struck me. He said: “mom, I want to dress up as a house, because I want many people to live in me” (Romeo, 4yrs)


More info on Becoming Constellation available here: