Pause & Affect: residency at ]performance space[ (UK)

During March 2019 I will be participating in the residency programme PAUSE & AFFECT, curated by ]performance space[ in Folkestone, UK. I will be sharing my time/space  with Los Angeles-based protest artist/musician Uhuru Ali Moore, and the local community.

PAUSE & AFFECT explores the necessity of reflection as a primary route to self development. Within accelerated capitalism, pause and affect become tools of resistance; strategies to take back time, make space & reconnect with what’s important. In order to combat increasingly fast-paced demands on artists to ‘be productive’, PAUSE & AFFECT insists that the primary resources required for any creative endeavour are those of time and space; enabling artists to tune in, recalibrate, experiment and grow – in order to then contribute exceptional art to our shared cultural landscapes.

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