ute(a)r us participating in Festival in Bordeaux (6/3/19)


ute(a)r us will be participating in this festival about art, sciences and care, which will take place from 6-9 March 2019 at the old Halle des Douves in Bordeaux (France). Documentation of the work will be shared as part of a pannel/round table on the last day, focused on bio-feminist-queer-witch-cyborg thought and practices.

The festival program proposes an exchange around the different modalities of access to care in response to gender violence, in order to question the boundaries between public and private life, between works of art and vernacular activity. This event, centered on the sharing of experiences, leaves space to artists, practitioners and health users who develop critical forms of production and tools at the crossroads of the world. Activism, artistic creation, sociology, anthropology and communication, to look at art from an aesthetic and political point of view. It is first of all about showing the existence of these essential initiatives to get users out of loneliness, sometimes felt in access to care, in order to better understand and become aware of different practices, and possible alternatives, for oneself but also for others.

LePli in a few words:
At the intersection between fields of action, theoretical research and scientific development LePli supports and values artistic practices offering tools for emancipation; paying particular attention to different social and cultural representations. In the continuity of his approach – question the links between artistic creation and the production of knowledge on society – LePli intends to put in relation by affinities our relationship to the world, by proposing a plural vision. http://www.lepli.fr