UTE(A)R US in MONTREAL (July 2019)

Fuck the Soundcheck! is a safe space free from sexist violence, where womxn and non-binary people can share knowledge, inspiration and experiences about audio, recording, sound design, and music in general. After a first edition in Mexico City last March during Cyborgrrrls encuentro tecnofeminista, Fuck the Soundcheck has made its way to Montreal.

Documentation of my art-life performance UTE(A)R US will be shown as part of the Cyborg Cinema program, a selection of audio-visual works exploring subjects as biohacking, colonialism, rituals, witchcraft, postpornography, post apocalyptic surrealism, interspecies relationships and experimental animation without censorship.

Cyborg Cinema is organized by Dominique Pelletier and Constanza Piña and will include works from:

Ariana Ferrari [IT], Chava Guerrilla [ES], Dani d’Emilia [BR], Dominique Pelletier [MON], Katie Stenberg [US], Kupa Teta [BR], Fabiola Larios [MX], LOVELETTER.EXE, MariaBasura [CL], Micaela Tobin [US], Megan May Hem Daalder [US], Morehshin Allahyari [IRAN][NY], Rrayen [AR], Sandra Araújo [POR], Sandrine Deumier [FR], Tabita Rezaire [FR], Waterflower [LATVIA]