Teaching at Schumacher College (UK)

On 21-22 Jan 2020 I will be teaching together with Sarah Amsler in the Beyond Develompment intensive (an elective on Schumacher College’s MA Economics For Transition postgraduate programme).

This is our session outline:

Showing up otherwise: seeking ways of knowing, relating and being beyond modernity
In order to address the multiple crises of our times, we are called to continuously seek ways of noticing and interrupting the harmful patterns of modern subjectivity that give rise to them. Drawing from the work of the Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures collective, in this workshop we will experiment with approaching ecological and economic injustices differently through diving deeper into their affective, cognitive and relational dimensions. We will do this through working with cartographies and embodied exercises that help us attune to ‘exiled capacities’ which may allow us to recognise the gifts and limitations of our modes of seeing and perceiving, and their impact on the way we ‘show up’ for change.