U TE(A)R US in Trans*Plant: Ma maladie est une création artistique (22/6/18)

On June 22nd I will be speaking with Quimera Rosa about UTE(A)R US as part of the program of Trans*Plant: Ma maladie est une création artistique.

Trans*Plant: My Disease is an artistic creation, organized in co-production with Bandits-Mages and Emmetrop is a workshop in three parts that combines practical aspects on the techniques of WetLab *, a framework approach bio-medical through the study of a concrete case, as well as a reflection on how the bringing together of art and science generates new perspectives of work on biomedical themes.

More info here: http://bandits-mages.com/site2015/blog/2018/05/24/transplant-ma-maladie-est-une-creation-artistique/

Trans*Plant is a transdisciplinary project of plant / human / animal / machine hybridisation started by Quimera Rosa in 2016. It is both a bio-art project based on a human hybridisation / plant as well as a human trans-identity process > plant. The development of this project is based on the interaction between different axes that, through different bio-hacking practices, try to produce changes of subjectivity and deconstruct narratives that present the body as a single unit. More info on TransPlant here